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Social Emotional Learning Resources » NTC Symposium Resources

NTC Symposium Resources

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  - Maya Angelou
There is much research about the impact of social emotional learning on the successful academic performance of our students.
Recently, I attended a conference, organized by the New Teacher Center.  I attended a variety of sessions, which revolved around the idea of social emotional intelligence as well as building trusting relationships.  The ultimate impact of this work being on student achievement.
My wish has always been to create a tight-knit family community amongst the folks whom I impact.  Hence, those folks would continue the intricate, tight-knit community with those whom they impact - creating a ripple effect or a butterfly effect within my school community to support each and every single one of us.
Perhaps that is why I gravitated to the sessions in which I participated.
I wish to share the following resources with all stakeholders of my school community - teachers, students, parents, Lincoln Heights community stakeholders, etc.
Workshop on Teacher Induction:
The first workshop I attended was about connecting state priorities with the induction and mentoring practices of our new teachers to solidify their impact on the poor and minority students with which they work, ensuring equitable access to great teachers.


The organization that facilitated this session was the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders.  The objective of the session was to help leaders focus on how we will move forward with programs of induction for new teachers that will help support our new teachers and mentors in the work they do.


Belonging and Becoming:  How Social and Emotional Learning Supports Academic Mindsets in Adolescence

Open Presentation and Script to videos in presentation below:


Presentation by the Center for Courage and Renewal
What's trust got to do with it?
Relationship, Learning and shared leadership:
Exercising leadership is a way of giving meaning to your life by contributing to the lives of others.  At its best, leadership is a labor of love.  Opportunities for these labors cross your path every day, though we appreciate through the scar tissue of our own experiences that seizing these opportunities takes heart. - Heifetz, Linksy
Access presentation below: