Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy #5

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Quality Time

Starting the year off in a Restorative Mode.
To help us start the year off with a positive and community building spirit, our PD began with a cycle of Restorative Practices.
Restorative Practices are a way of talking about the things that are difficult to talk about, but truly matter, in a way that will help us get to the source of conflicts and heal the environment for positive, forward motion.
Yes...for two days, we did sit around in a circle and participated in conversations to get to know each other better, understand each other more, and rejuvenate our relationships.  
This exercise served to help strengthen our own community as well as help us better facilitate the process for our children.

It's always important to spend some quality time together.  

This day, we "Took to the skies" to speak.  Rock climbing at our local climbing gym.


Getting back into the swing of things, Ms. Calderon and Mr. Denny planned "A Day at the Beach"... well, a beach ball game of questions around the circle (minus the beach ball - they are not on sale in January)...  You get the picture...