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Curriculum and Instruction » Lexile Levels

Lexile Levels

The documents below outline how our teachers are working with your child to help them better understand the importance of Lexile growth and how Lexile measures effect college and career readiness.  
First, in Advisory, our students have viewed the Welcome to Achieve3000 video for TeenBiz3000.
Then, to help our students analyze their own data and set progress goals with Achieve3000, we have shared with them the Overview document.
Your child should have one document, with two charts.  One is a chart to plan their career and monitor their Lexile growth and the other is a chart to track their First-Try activity score.  Your child should earn either an 88% or a 100% to demonstrate comprehension to advance their Lexile growth.
Parents Possible Questions Answered:
How do I find out my child's Lexile Measure score?
Your child has his/her password to log onto Achieve3000.  They can show you their score by logging into the program.
What is my child's Lexile growth target?
Each child is different.  Depending on your child's current Lexile measure, your child growth target will vary.  Students that are on grade level will have a different growth target than students that are not reading at grade level.  The lower the score, the more your child will be expected grow each semester, and consequently each year.
How do I know if my child is progressing or using the program?
When you child logs into Achieve3000, they can show you the progress bar and their lessons.
How does Achieve3000 calculate a change in Lexile?
Your child must complete the minimum required activities per month with a score of 75% or better in order for Achieve3000 to:
  1. Include the student in the calculation.
  2. Adjust student Lexile.
Students Possible Questions Answered:
How many points should have I grown by now, if I'm expected to grow 25 points each month?
Since August, 2015, you were expected to have grown 125 points (25 points for each month times 5 months).  Therefore, if your Lexile measure was 710, your current Lexile should be 710+125=835.
Total gains by the end of May should be an additional 125 points, for a total gain of 250 points.
What if I have already grown 200 or more points?  Am I done growing for the year?
You are never done growing.
You need to take a look at your overall Career Lexile goal.  That is the overall Lexile goal towards which you should be working, not the Achieve3000 growth target.  
If you have already grown the growth points for the year, and are reading at grade level, then you should establish your career goal Lexile as your new target goal.  This will assure that you are reading to score a 3 or a 4 on the CAASPP in May and that you are ready for the next grade level.
If you have already grown the growth points for the year, and you are not reading at grade level, then you should establish your grade level Lexile as your new target goal.  This will assure that you are reading to score a 3 or a 4 on the CAASPP in May and that you are preparing for the next grade level.
What happens if I score less than 88% on my activities?
If you score less than 88%, you are not demonstrating comprehension and Achieve3000 will not increase your Lexile level.  In fact, your Lexile may drop.
What if I don't want my Lexile score to improve because the articles become harder to read?
Not improving your Lexile score means much more than a passing grade in your class or increased Lexile measure in Achieve3000.  A low Lexile score means that you will not be ready for state assessment, high school, college, and career expectations for reading and writing.  Reading is the fundamental skill that can guarantee your future success.  Reading happens in all of your subject areas, allowing access to the grade level material necessary for you to pass all of your classes, not just English.  Remember, that with the new Common Core State Standards it's all about reading and comprehension, analysis, evidence, and being able to substantiate your claims and arguments in both English and math.  Also, all of your other classes rely on your reading skills in order for you to be able to successfully interact in science, history, physical education, electives, art, etc.
If I score less than 75%, can't I just read another article?
Only if you are an expert in averages and can read enough articles to average you to a 75% or better on everything you read.
Remember, if you do not pass the activity with a 75% or better on the First-Try, it does not count for growing your Lexile.  What you now have done is lowered your averages across the articles that will be considered to move your Lexile up.  So, in order to improve your Lexile score, you must pass your articles with 75% or better on the First-Try.  When you score below 75%, you have lowered your averages.  If you are consistently scoring 75% and then score 66%, your 75% average has now dropped.  If you are consistently scoring 100% and then score 66%, you have a little wiggle room.  But you are no longer average 100%.  
Think about it in terms of your G.P.A.  If you have straight A's then you have a 4.00.  If you introduce a B into your G.P.A., you no longer have a 4.00.  The same rule applies to your Lexile Measure average.
Access on Mobile Device
Your child can access Achieve3000 on mobile devices.  See the documents below for instruction for each device.