Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy #5

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Can I solve It The spirit of getting our students into the spirit continues with more fun videos created by our teacher body. 

  • Kevin Bice on vocals
  • Matthew Britten as Pythagoras
  • John Tsoi as ruler

Do You Know Your ESLRs The spirit of philanthropy continues.  

Each year our students must complete a community services project that:
  1. Identifies a problem in our community.
  2. Increases awareness of the problem.
  3. Has a positive impact in addressing the problem.
The problem this student identified was within his own community - did our students know about our ESLRs. As many of you know, ESLR are designed to focus the school's learning results for their students.  At ACRMA#5, the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results are:
  • To Be College Ready
  • To Be a Contributing Citizen
  • To Be a Leader
Within each Expected Learning Result we have embedded indicators as to how they would be demonstrated.  

In an effort to make certain that our students embodied our ESLRs, Matthew set out to identify who knew them and teach them along the way.

The community service project has addressed many different areas such as, food and clothes drives for the homeless, cleaning of our community, toys for children and helping the elderly.  This year, our students are working with a variety of organizations that help children around the world.  

This latest iteration of the project is designed to help students look beyond themselves and have an impact in the lives of children in other parts of the world - parts of the world that many of our students do know exist.

As the work of philanthropy continues, it is my hope that our students develop not only a sense of self, but also a realization that through their efforst they can make a difference not only in their own lives, but also throughout the world.

Here's to serving the community.
Pennies for Patients The spirit of philanthropy is something that ACRMA#5 has always encouraged in our students.  Our first efforts took place in 2009, the year we were founded.  Our student body of 120 had a goal of $500 and they raised over $1,000.  The following year, their goal was $1,000 and they raised nearly $3,000.  That year, our 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Bice created this video for our first Pennies for Patients fund raiser.  

Since then, our students have continued their philanthropy raising money for Pennies for Patients each March.  Each year, our student body of 300+ students raises between $3-$4,000.

Here's to raising the next philanthropic group of their era!