Alliance College-Ready Middle Academy #5

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Our Charter

Every five years, our school Charter is up for renewal by LAUSD, our Charter Authorizer.  The renewal is composed of a site visit, wherein LAUSD representatives review four Categories: 
  1. Governance
  2. Student Achievement and Educational Performance
  3. Organizational Management, Programs and Operations
  4. Fiscal Operations
The school is rated on a 1-4 scale, 4 being the highest.
LAUSD also meets with stakeholders from the community to gather input on the school's performance and execution of the Charter's promise.
Renewal will only be granted if the school meets the metrics set forth in the 4-point rubric.
Should the school fail to meet the metrics, LAUSD has the right to not renew our charter.
Below please find our most recent Charter, renewed in 2019.
Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the school (323) 352-8034.